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Stationeries, PDQ, Paper Products and Packaging Printing Company in China.
Printing in Hong Kong, Printing in China, Asia for less.

Welcome to Fungo Printing, China. We are Packaging boxes printing company and Paper products, PDQ, Stationery manufacturer in China. We provide full printing service to the worldwide based on productions in China.


Customer Support

Printing Staffs

Our customer service team consists of true experts in printing and finishing. Our engineering, production and assembly teams work with particular attention to detail on quality and appearance to ensure that all products are made to specification.
Product Development

China Printing Company Products

From OEM to ODM Journals, Diary, Rigid box, Calendars, Greeting cards,we produce from small to large scale printing and deliver top quality products. Our promise is supported by our experienced service team, engineers and skillful workers.
Fast Delivery

hong Kong Printing Company Products

We offer rapid turnaround on all products because we keep investing on latest technology and fully-automatic printing and finishing machines. From design, prepress, printing to finishing, all production takes place in house.

Stationery, Greeting Card, Journal, Packaging, PDQ, Corrugated Box Printing in China saves up to 40%........


Printing in China with Fungo Printing.....

Fungo Printing - a Stationery, Paper Products, PDQ and Packaging printer in China dedicated to top quality printing services.

Fungo Printing is a Hong Kong and China Printing Company providing Full Offset Printing Services of paper products. Printing product ranges from Stationary Books, Hard Cover journal, Pop-ups Board Book, Children's Books printing , Game Box Sets, Board Books, Commercial Catalogues , Card Box Sets, PDQ, Greeting Cards, Page-A-Day Calendars, Wall Calendars , Novelty Projects, Book Plus, Packaging , Wire-O Books, Gift Box and etc. See our Products Pages for more information.

We are one of the most well set-up and cost effective Stationery, Journal, Cards, Packaging and paper products Printers in China, Hong Kong. As you can find there are many Books, Printed Products were printed in Hong Kong / printed in China . If you are looking for offshore printing, overseas printing to lower your printing costs with High Quality Offset Books Printing, Packaging Printing, Children's Books Printing, drop us a Printing Quotation in our Quotation Page. If you are looking for high quality Hong Kong Printer / Chinese Printer, Printing Services in Hong Kong / China, China printing company, Books Printing, Children's Books Printing, Children's Board Book Printing, Pop-ups Books, Novelty Printing, Calendars Printing, Journals printing, Hard Cover Book and other Offset Printing products, visit our printing products pages you will find the wide range of printing products we produced.


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A Staionery and Packaging Box printer dedicated to top quality printing.